InBioVeritas - In Life is Truth


The Competence Centre for the Conservation of Biodiversity in the Atlantic forest of Brazil was established in September 2007 by

  • the Federal University of Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil UFPR
  • the Society for Wildlife Research and Environmental Education, Curitiba, Brazil - SPVS
  • the State Museum of Natural History, Karlsruhe, Germany - SMNK.



The protection of life on Earth will only be possible under a sustainable use of the nature resources by men. Without the biodiversity with all its ecological functions, services and goods, mankind will have no future. This holds for the tropical rainforests in Brazil as well as for the mountain regions in southern Germany.

The Convention on Biological Diversity - CBD, which was approved 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, recognized the importance of biodiversity and since then compiled many measurements to hold the rapid decline of diversity on Earth.

InBioVeritas is an example of an international cooperation to sustain the diversity of life and to allow the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits.